Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Linkables 5/2/8


Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

I never really get these click to give food things, it seems that if a company is willing to give a donation on behalf of people who click a link, why can't they just give a donation which represents something of that nature instead of putting a condition on it. It comes across to me as a weird way of making people feel good about themselves for helping people, whilst not actually doing anything, and the company gets to donate to a charity without having to commit to a specific amount. I may try to write a script that essentially spams the button every milliseccond or something like that so that it racks up a huge number of donations a day and see if any companies go under, although they probably have a limit which they'll pay.

I liked the pics, very cool, I want cool glasses that make me different. I also want bionic eyes, surely though they have no idea if it produced a well defined image as the rabbit's not exactly going to say "wow look at that there's a crosshair in my vision, nice work guys, wait does this work with the laser gun you grafted to my head the other day? WHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA, see how you like it scientist scum!!!!" so it could just be a blurry mess. Also aren't contact lenses a little too poke ourself in the eye to take them out? surely some sort of trendy glasses would be easier to take off when you don't want some random info blinding you.

TheTelf said...

The point with the 'click-to-give' links is, I think that advertisers pay for high traffic sites. The only way to get the advertising budget money from the company into a charity is to create a high traffic site that they will want to pay to advertise on.

I never understand advertising as a tactic in general (esp online, but that's another post altogether), but I think that click-to-give sites are a great way to channel money that would normally just be floating around in the ether into a charitable cause.