Friday, 22 February 2008

This has made me too scared to sleep

Anyone who's talked to me about cinema knows I don't like horror. Well, my dislike extends to books as well. I remember reading 'The Oxford book of Scary Stories' (or some similar title), when I was younger, and being unable to sleep or speak or move for hours afterwards. Lying in bed, in the dark, absolutely paralysed with fear.

I'm kind of in that state now, again, having read this manga. I don't imagine it's all that scary by potential scary standards, but it's incredibly creepy, and my brain apparantly does not react well to that level of creepy. I've been sitting here at my computer for an hour now, unable to get up, turn around, move or speak, because I've somehow become convinced that there is something behind me, just out of my peripheral vision. It's not a rational fear, but it's so deeply ingrained in some part of my brain that I'm finding it almost impossible to overcome. Seriously. It's terrifying. Don't even talk to me about going to sleep tonight.


Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

HAHAHA you're a bit of a loser, I'd hardly class that as scary.

I mostly found it kinda funny as it read like a poorly acted 80s cartoon.

For those who thought it just made no sense, it's probably been translated from Japanese (that or the writer wanted to be trendy) so you have to read it from right to left (the boxes not the words).

TheTelf said...

Yeah, I should have mentioned the right to left thing.

And if I could make myself not creeped out by it I would. But I can't. Ich. Claustrophobic just thinking about it.

I did read it pretty late at night, and after reading a couple of other creepy things. And I was alone in the house. But, whatever, I'm not defending myself, I'm easily scared.