Sunday, 24 February 2008

Oscar Predictions

I wish I had been able to see more of the Oscar nominees this year, and I did try to, but it just didn't work out. Despite that, here are my predictions:

Actor in a leading role: Daniel Day-Lewis
Too predicatable, maybe, but it'll be a minor miracle if he doesn't walk this one.

Actor in a supporting role: Casey Affleck
Though really it's a toss up between Affleck, Bardem and Wilkinson for me - I certainly couldn't pick out any of them as better than the others.

Actress in a leading role:
Embarrassingly, I haven't seen any of the films :s

Actress in a supporting role: Tilda Swinton
Biased by my dislike of child actors, perhaps, though I haven't seen Gone Baby Gone or I'm Not There.

Achievement in directing: No Country for Old Men

Best Picture: No Country for Old Men

I've only seen one of the films up for original screenplay, and haven't read the books from which the Adapted screenplay awards come, so can't really comment on those. And I know nothing about music, so can't really comment on the musical ones.

I can't really back up my 'director' and 'picture' predictions particularly, except to say that I think No Country was my favourite film of the year. I also really hope Michael Clayton wins something, since it was very close behind in my list, and I want George Clooney to keep making dark, complex, films.

In any case, I'll leave it there for now.

UPDATE: 4 out of 5 ain't too bad...

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