Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Them blogs them blogs them...

Over the weekend I didn't have much time to catch up on my blog-reading, so since Friday I've had about 60 posts in my RSS monitor. I've tried to whittle them down (as though, you might note, it were some sort of heinous task, rather than an enjoyable activity), but as fast as I read them, new posts are arriving. Eventually, I'll be at a stage where even if I was constantly reading new posts, the list of unread ones would continue to grow. And at that point, my friends, I will have lost.

So, in a tenuously connected manner, I've added a few entries to my blogroll over there on the right. It's almost getting long enough to start being categorized, but I've left it as one list for the moment. Of the new ones that I've only recently noticed:

PostSecret I mentioned yesterday, and you should start reading it right now, because of its continuously disappearing content...

Passive Aggressive Notes is a catalogue of those little notes that hide the inner turmoil of the writer. Will strike a chord with anyone living or working in a communal space.

How Not To Get Laid reads like a wiki version of ATISTG, without the latter's excellent writing style, but also without its infuriating lack of updates. It's essentially a list of user-contributed stories about the sexual experiences that never quite got off the ground. Entertaining and instructive. (Also constantly seeking new content, so if you've got a story, send it in)

Finally, Overheard in the Office is a record of random quotations from offices around the world. They're not all classics, but they're quick, amusing, and there're a metric fuckton of them to enjoy.

Anyway, I hope that I've got at least one of those onto your list of feeds (and if you don't have a list of feeds, what century are you living in?).

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