Thursday, 3 July 2008

In my own backyard

This happened about a 25minute walk from the house where I grew up. I always knew it could be a rough neighbourhood, but even this is ridiculously bad for New Cross.

I feel sick.


James said...

It might be my maths background, but what struck me was the number 243. Assuming you can stab someone once a second, that's 6 minutes of continous stabbing. 6 minutes. I just can't imagine that mindset.

immedia reaction said...

They probably didn't do it all in one burst.. unless it was an incredibly frenzied attack. Although it could conceivably have been more than one person.

TheTelf said...

I'm backing the more-than-one-person theory. Even so, it's a pretty ridiculous number of times to stab someone.

Is it more the description of the attack or the proximity to where you grew up that makes you feel sick?

Hanspan said...