Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Linkables 15/7/8

There was a great series of pictures in the Guardian, looking at the different conditions local administrators in different countries work in, with most earning tiny amounts. One Liberian policemen earns the equivalent of £9 a month, which seems like a ludicrously small amount. For him, looking at someone in this country earning £24k is equivalent to us looking at a Premiership footballer earning £100,000 a week.

In any case, I can't find the photos online anywhere, which is a pity, but there's a series of photos here showing families from different parts of the world with their weekly food shopping. It's pretty humbling to see what people at the lower end of the budget spectrum are able to live on.

Those photos were originally on the Time site's photos of the week display, which is worth a look if you like great topical photos.

Then we have this cool css manual animation. Every time I see one of these, I think they'd be great as an art installation somewhere, where walking along a particular track made it seem like static sculptures contained moving figures.

Finally, this article on UKPollingReport led me to these interesting YouGov results comparing UK and US attitudes to society and politics. Most interesting in my opinion is the differences in the answers on religion:

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