Thursday, 24 July 2008

Review: Wall E & Dark Knight

Wall E & Dark Knight
These films are both magnificent. Acting / animation, direction, plot, characters and just sheer quality is top notch in both. But more than anything, in both films you have the feeling that the everyone who made them really, really belived in and really, really loved the story and characters they were bringing to the screen.

Anyway, individually:

Wall E
The beauty of this film, the amazing character of the lead robots and the incredibly touching love story between them had me grinning, laughing (and crying, but only a little) pretty much from start to end. This is definitely one of the best animations I've ever seen and I urge you to seek it out.

Dark Knight
Dark is definitely the operative word here. This film is wonderfully dark in its portrayal of pretty much everyone. The Joker is truly fearsome and you really belive that Batman almost can't stop him and that he will taint and twist Gotham in on itself. Harvey Dent, Alfred, Lucious Fox, Lt Gordon are all excelent and fully involved in the plot. Basically this film is really good, my only complaint is that I'd managed to hype it up so much in my head that I couldn't enjoy it as something fresh. So I'm hoping to go again in a slightly more relaxed manner.

both 10/10

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