Thursday, 31 July 2008

Linkables 31/7/8

It's been mere moments since my last set of links, I know, but I've amassed a fair few over the last couple of days, and wanted an easy post before I head out this evening.

A great little mental monologue about being at work, and an introduction to darts, in case you were at all unfamiliar with it as a concept.

I wouldn't know good poetry if it carved a stanza into my forehead, but nevertheless, I was entertained by this poem.

I love the fact that this is just a post about a stuffed rabbit: It's hilariously cute.

A blog with a nicely self-explanatory name: Things younger than McCain.

What happens when Dave Gorman has to call technical support? (next week, what happens when David Mitchell has to unblock his sink? (not really))

A good analysis of the problems associated with translating in-game text (in this case from WoW) into other languages, from Kill Ten Rats.

If the word 'chav' is too offensive, how about we start using Lumpenproletariat? Greatest. Word. Ever.

And finally. Greyhound buses always seemed like a good, cheap way to see North America. Until Now.

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