Saturday, 26 July 2008


I have just returned from a thoroughly successful trip to the Comedy Store (success being measured in laughs, naturally), where myself and the group I was with, saw Nick Doody, Micky Flanagan, Will Smith, Jim Jeffries and an inexperienced Israeli comic who's name escapes me.

The four pros were excellent, with Smith's self-deprecating and Jeffries' outrageously offensive humour being particularly good. The Israeli newcomer faired less well - he seemed terribly nervous (as, I suppose, is to be expected), and rushed a lot of his lines. He then lost confidence with his jokes if they didn't seem to be getting a reaction, and cut a few short, seemingly before the punchline, which didn't help. He didn't get heckled particularly, and had some interesting stuff on the Israel/Palestine conflict, but ultimately wasn't able to deliver it effectively, which was a pity.

In any case, the comedy and company were as good as expected, but that's not necessarily the point of the post. At Earls Court station on the way home, I was waiting for a Wimbledon train, iPod in ears, minding my own business, when a guy walks past, glances at me and stops. He then steps back, points at me and says:

"xkcd for the win"

Indeed sir, indeed. I was, of course, wearing an xkcd t-shirt, though not one with an identifier on it, making the recognition all the more impressive.

Aside from the quasi-female perspective I get from strangers staring at my chest the whole time when I wear it, I've had a few semi-recognitious looks from people before, but never an outright endorsement.

Some people might have used this common understanding as a springboard into conversation, but being someone who is at best wary and at worst terrified of conversation with strangers, I smiled and nodded and shook his hand, and he went on his way.

It still totally made my evening.

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