Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Badverts 3

Another round up of the adverts that have been pissing me off on a regular basis recently.


Just really really irritating in almost every way. The adverts seem to be poor imitations of old Tex Avery cartoons (think Tom & Jerry) but don't manage to pull it off, mainly because they don't go far enough with the parody elements, but partly because they're just not very well made. That yodelling sandwich can just fuck off. I don't get it. Is it supposed to be funny? Cute? Ironic? Whatever. The woman in this one is probably friends with the women from the most recent Diet Coke advert too (covered in the last edition of Badverts), because she seems like just as much of a twat as they are. I'm sure If they ever were to meet, they'd get on like a group of women on fire. Because I would have set them on fire.

Sensodyne Iso-active
Can't find this one online at the moment. Bugger. But you know the one. It's in a similar vein to every other Sensodyne advert of recent years: a person sitting on a leather sofa in a bare room talking about Sensodyne recorded on a handheld camera. So far, so painfully badly constructed to try to look "real". But the latest one goes that extra mile. Either that or they just can't be bothered to try and make these people sound like "ordinary" people any more. The woman rambles on about having sensitive teeth, sharp pains, Satan himself dancing on her gums, etc. But then she starts the most over-the-top praise you've ever heard. She says things like Sensodyne's "wrapped it all up in a bow" and asks "where does this product go wrong?" (you can almost hear the director saying "That's right love, just read it off the market research sheet"). If she's this enthusiastic about toothpaste, she must have had a pretty shit life so far. And we still have all the funky "amateur" camerawork so that we know that this woman really is just an "average member of the public" who just decided to come and sit on the Sensodyne sofa and start wetting herself about how amazing their new paste is. Yeah right.

More analysis of god-awful adverts soon (inevitably).

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