Friday, 9 October 2009

My week in superlatives

This post may be a little bit of cop-out. I'm away over the weekend at a Warhammer tournament, so not only have I got to come up with three posts today, but a lot of my free time has been spent preparing for that, rather than thinking up interesting blog topics. Without further ado, then:

The creepiest thing I experienced this week: Turning a corner in Tooting at night to find twenty workmen in fluorescent jackets standing completely still and completely silent, staring at me...

The funniest thing I experienced this week: Being at the counter in a post office when it started to rain, and turning round to find the neat queue behind me that had stretched outside when I began my transaction had turned into a silent mass of damp people crammed into the small room and all staring at me.

The most frustrating thing I experienced this week: Having to get up early to get to the post office before work three times to retrieve two parcels. The second time, I got there ten minutes after they opened, and was waiting for 50 minutes. The third time I got there before they opened, and was still 15th in the queue.

The most disgusting thing I experienced this week: Tasting "Deep Heat". The deep-clensing muscle feeling does not translate well to the tongue.

The most embarrassing thing I experienced this week: Coding a bug which caused potentially sensitive patient data to be sent to random people in the NHS.

The most satisfying thing I experienced this week: Spending six hours slowly tracking down the cause of an incredibly frustrating problem in the software, only to be able to fix it by changing 8 characters in a source file.

The most fun I experienced this week: Playing 5-a-side football on a rutted pitch that was essentially ploughed and then dried to a rock hard finish. Added to this, half the pitch was a steep slope down which chasing the ball was an exercise in futility and the other half was full of knee-high stalks poking out of the ground that would stop the ball dead when they hit it. Fortunately (somehow) no one broke an ankle while playing. Then we went back at night and played again in pitch darkness.

Most my blogathon score has been this week: 9

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