Saturday, 17 October 2009

Not a link post, honest...

I haven't really got anything particular to talk about today, so I thought I'd do a quick run down of some of the quick-fire feeds that I use to help the day go faster. These are generally image-blogs or twitter-style micro blogs (following in the footsteps of the epic failblog) which give you lots of examples of a tiny amount of content every day. Perfect for reading in between items of work, or in a few spare minutes at the end of a day:

FmyLife - I think I've linked to this one before, but it's really quite sublime. Tiny little anecdotes from people's lives where everything has gone wrong. [example]

Notalwaysright - Stories of stupid, misguided or just plain insane customers, from the point of view of shop employees. [example]

This is photobomb - Examples of unexpected elements (often other people) appearing in the back- or foreground of photos. [example]

Texts from last night - Examples of random text messages (or conversations) often related to some sort of debauched night out. The entries are usually boiled down to the essential elements, so as to leave any explaination purely to the viewer's imagination. [example]

Probably bad news - Examples of mistaken or humorously ambiguous news headlines and articles, from both print and TV. [example]

There, I fixed it - Botched repair or construction projects. [example]

Anyway, the advantage of this sort of content is that if a particular entry doesn't thrill you, not only have you wasted no time on it, but you've also probably got several more appearing any minute. As with all of these sorts of things online, best to avoid the comments, which are packed full of strange examples of humanity whose only contact with the outside world seems to be via comment threads, and thus tend not to make a whole lot of sense.

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