Thursday, 8 October 2009

Your view on the kindle

The kindle is an electonic book or rather a viewer to read lots of books from. Anyway I've been thinking they look pretty cool and like just the amount technology I can handle; buying things to download, having some sort of harddrive where all my e-books are stored, but nothing too complicated. Also I always like having something to read on the train and getting hold of books I want to read can be a pain (to find something in the library) or expensive if I have to buy them. Obviously the kindle is pretty expensive as a one-off and it also takes away the option of filling up a bookshelf or lending books I've found and like to others. Overall I'm torn between thinking it's cool and thinking it's a waste of money.

What do you guys think, waste of money or useful device? Also, if I should get one what books should I put on it?


Hanspan said...

I don't like it, but that's because I'm a book-worshipping Luddite.

TheTelf said...

I like the idea of it, and of being able to carry around a limitless book supply at all times, but I have reservations about locking in too early.

If it takes off, there will probably be cheaper versions, quite possibly with virtually any book available to download for free, if some sort of advertising revenue stream was achieved, and to spend lots now on the first thing on the market might be a poor investment.

Having said that, if you don't mind shelling out for cool toys (and I certainly don't), go for it!

Hell, if it has anything like the wireless internet capabilities described by xkcd guy here, I might get one...