Sunday, 25 May 2008

Beard Update

A post title that does not bode well for the beard-haters amongst you.

Firstly, a look at what the beard currently looks like, in flashy animated-gif format:

Beard reactions have been interesting. The people at work oscillate between mockery and appreciation, though they've pretty much seen it grow, so the shock factor is lessened. Amongst friends who've seen it suddenly full grown, the reaction has been pretty good, with more general approval from guys than girls (but then, why would girls understand - the bond between a man and his beard is a sacred thing). One guy and two girls have told me I should get rid of it, and girls have been in general far more confused as to why I was growing it.

Because I can. And because I may not be allowed to in the future.

Secondly, a gentleman who has dedicated his life to providing us with important beard-research photos. We could all learn a lot from him.


Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

that's awesome, nice work.

I love the t-shirt by the way, intentional or consequentialness?

That is also one of the coolest websites for beard types in the world, for no real reason.

If I could replicate that I would, but I'm not sure my gene pool will allow it, it takes me far too long to grow anything substantial and it's generally not full enough to be sculpted properly, but I shall endeavour to replicate it as best as I can

TheTelf said...

Intentional :D

And I just realized how deliciously ego-centric putting a rotating animation of my face on the front page of the blog is.

That was certainly not my intention.


immedia reaction said...

What does the T-shirt actually say?

Egocentric? Toi? Pas possible!

What you need is a scrolling text bar underneath with the words: "Have you seen this man? Subject is armed and extremely dangerous."

TheTelf said...

The t-shirt is the same one I linked to in this post. It says "Beards over Babies" and champions the obvious superiority of potential beardedness over potential pregnancy.