Monday, 19 May 2008

New Flat

I have just moved into a flat!!! (yes it does warrant that many !'s)

I moved in with Katie on Saturday. It's in Forest Hill and is the basement of a house of flats and is quite impressively cold (especially given the blazing sun outside), but this is probably quite a nice thing atm.

It was also impressively not cleaned, and full of stuff. We spent quite a while over the weekend clearing all the owners stuff out of the kitchen cupboards and onto the table (which is not almost overflowing), where she will hopefully come and pick it up from, and then cleaning said cupboards. However, again this could be a good thing; we are in now no obligation at all to clean the flat at all for when our tennancy ends.

More annoyingly it seems the washing machine and dishwasher may be broken (well the dishwasher definitely doesn't drain properly) so she'll have to get that fixed too.

Anyway, there will be a housewarming some time, which you're all invited too (even those of you I haven't met), so details of that to follow.


Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

That sounds fun. I guess I'm lucky I'm moving into a house that has people living in it already, but I have "fond" memories from when we moved in to our house in Salford, not least having to pull masses of long black hair out of the drainage pipe of the bath so that the water would go down the plug hole.

TheTelf said...

Awesome stuff guys - glad the move went well. Have you found the owner's stash of drugs yet?

Looking forward to the housewarming :P

James said...

no, though she's definitely always high when we meet her or an extremely hyper person.

@ Andy - Ewwww, though I've had to do that with my own hair at uni. As always, it being your own mess somehow makes it far less disgusting. Better the devil you know and all that

immedia reaction said...

And if it's yours, at least you won't catch something you haven't already got.

And ooooh, Forest Hill is near where I used to live. In London. Sob.