Wednesday, 28 May 2008

I can't belive Summer's gone!

Ah, a cunning pun to start the post. You see this is actually in reference to something I read in the Metro on the way to work, saying that people actually suffer something like a trauma when a TV show they like ends. Hence the title is actually a clever reference to Firefly (which is awesome and has ended) rather than the shitty weather outside. (I am so damn clever)

Anyway, apparently it's all down to people forming a strong bond with characters in the show and then their season finale being somewhat like their funeral, which all seems very reasonable and not all that worrying. In fact it's almost nice that people can form emotional bonds to TV show characters.

So, what crushing traumas have you suffered (or fear you will suffer) from the corporate faces at NBC (and the like)?


James said...

Even more cleverly, by Firefly I meant the OC

Hangs head in shame

TheTelf said...

Carnivale and Green Wing are the only series where I can remember being really annoyed about the fact that they ended.

West Wing, Sealab and Futurama's endings felt like funerals, but in a good way, because they all quit while they were ahead, having produced a good number of series.

I am more affected by things like 24 and the Simpsons, that sit in the corner like old people who refuse to die. And keep pissing themselves and stinking up the room... :s

James said...

The West Wing did definitely benefit from having a set ending place. It would have been pretty crushing to see it falter like the simpsons.

immedia reaction said...

I'm not addicted enough to telly to cry when things end. Though I was sad about Futurama. Though second movie looks cool :)