Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Review: Planes

Having recently been on a holiday that required a 5 hr flight each way I thought I'd write my review of planes (and specifically BA).

first things first, baggage, having joked before flying that losing bags was something that everyone was scared would happen to them, despite it never having happened to them, it then happened to me. Ah well, they turned up a day late, so I had to buy a clean shirt and shorts, not a huge deal. Still, next time you're advised to pack at least a change of clothes in your carry-on bag, you should probably take it.

next, comfort, now I have pretty long legs (yes they are both pretty and long) and am normally fairly uncomfortable in things like cars, cinemas, trains, etc. However on this flight there seemed plenty of room and the seat was large enough for my long back too. Obviously sitting anywhere for a long time is uncomfortable, but this was about as nice as could be expected.

food; people love to hate plane food and i don't know why as I always enjoy it. This last trip was no exception.

Entertainment. This varies massively from trip to trip, often on length. The best I've ever been on is virgin where you got a snes (or something like it) in the seat in front as well as a full selection of recent films. The worst, short flights to europe where you get a picture of the plane gradually flying over a map. These recent flights showed "27 Dresses" and "The Bucket List" both of which were easy mindless fun and followed with comedy tv shows; futurama, friends and some other american shows i didn't know. Generally I was impressed.

In conclusion I enjoy flying, how about you guys?


TheTelf said...

I always enjoyed it as a kid, though I don't think I've been on a plane for 7 or 8 years now.

And yes, I never understood people's hatred of the food. Not gourmet by any means, but no worse than a microwavable ready meal...

immedia reaction said...
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immedia reaction said...
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immedia reaction said...

The food is t3h disgusting. Positively vomitious. Once, on Sri Lankan airways, I had a "sausage" which was a cylinder of pale beige rubber, with two brown stripe marks on it, which were supposed to indicate that it had been cooked.

Although a friend told me that apparently, your taste buds function differently at high altitude which is why most of it tastes rank, or not at all as it normally would. Though this may b a propaganda myth employed by airline companies to mask the shiteness of their catering.

I don't mind flying as such, but I hate the way your hair goes all greasy and manky on long flights and you start to feel like your skin is developing a protective layer of grease to shield you from overzealous air conditioning.

The best in-flight entertainment I ever had was on my Qantas flight back from Thailand. I watched Michael Clayton, Atonement, Extras and the Simpsons.

And lucky for me, my baggage has never been lost, thus far. I would stop believing in God if that ever happened.

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

Well I haven't been on a plane since I was 4, but from what I was told years later, I vomited on my mum, so I doubt wither of us really had fan.

I can't remember the food, but seeing that they probably don't have a chef on board so have to use fake heat (ie. a microwave) to "heat" the "food" it's probably about as nice as the budget and normal microwave "food", so not great, but stops you having to eat your own leg.

As for baggage, I dunno, I think we got it all, who knows?

Comfort, well I vomited, so for that period of time, I probably wasn't very comfortable.

Entertainment, well I pmay have been entertained by my own sick, but I probably got shouted at too, so ruined the whole fun.

So all in all my experience of planes hasn't been amazing, but then I can't remember any of it so I may have really enjoyed it. I'll let you know if I happen to go anywhere this year by plane (which is a possibility but not a certainty).