Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Linkables 7/5/8

So, just a few links today (I'm trying to do the whole post-a-day thing, but it leaves me devoid of inspiration occasionally, so we'll see how much longer it goes on...).

A couple of images that must have taken an insane amount of time to put together:
An example of how flexible CSS can be, and a graphics-intensive game on about the simplest graphical tool around.

A cool gallery of lego historical figures. It focuses a little on obscure Japanese samurai, but theres a ton of them, so skip on if you get lost. They're pretty awesome.

I'd heard of the top two of these crazy psychological experiments, but not the other three. is generally excellent for these list-type articles.

Interesting (and long) analyses of Microsoft's attitude to online music sales and commercial distributed storage.

And finally, a freaking cool little retro escape-from-extinction game.

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