Monday, 19 May 2008

This weekend...

  • I drove about 420 miles in 9 hours over 3 days.
  • I got lost 4 times overall.
  • I got lost 3 times in Shrewsbury.
  • I shouted inarticulately in a response to a serious lack of appropriate road signs 3 times. In Shrewsbury.
  • I nearly ended up in North Wales. While trying to get around Shrewsbury.
  • I nearly fell asleep at 8:15am while doing 100mph on the M6.
  • I spent 3 nights on 2 different floors and woke up with a painful back and neck every morning.
  • I saw a play, a film and a stand up show.
  • I took 122 photos.
  • I 'helped' to make tasty chocolate brownies.
  • I ate lots of tasty chocolate brownies.
  • I avoided going to church in order to use facebook and read Philip Pullman.
  • I used two kitchens, and was inappropriately sexist in one, and inappropriately racist in the other.
  • I wrote stuff on a fridge with magnetic letters. Some of it was rude.
  • I spent time with two English grads and they both tried to talk to me about Shakespeare.
  • I reinforced my internal stereotypes of English grads.
  • I walked round a church, a castle, and a moat.
  • I listened to descriptions of the castle from the most annoying woman ever.
  • I didn't climb on the furniture.
  • I didn't touch the bats.
  • I carelessly broke my phone (it'd been going that way for a while, but it is now singing with the choir invisible).
  • I had to use a call box for the first time in about 10 years.
  • I discovered the minimum charge in a call box is now 40p
  • I discovered 40p gets you 20 seconds of talking
  • I discovered I sometimes only carry around 40p on me in change.
  • I spent an inordinate amount of time lying on an exercise ball.
  • I spent a possibly surprising amount of time being poked, prodded and flicked.
  • I spent an entirely unsurprising amount of time making inappropriately disgusting jokes.
  • I spent no time at all washing my hair.
  • I introduced a new convert to the delights of Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe.
  • I met lots of cool new people who live with cool old people I already knew.
  • I spent lots of time hanging around being a nuisance while my friends were actually trying to do important, interesting, stuff.
  • I felt sad that I don't see some of my friends as often as I would like when they live so far away.
  • I gave three piggy-backs.
  • I had a great time.


James said...

Ahhh, lack of signage. Driving in Cyprus we had the fun of there not only not being many road signs, but also, none of them being in the same language as our map. Trying to find the way to Famagusta (actually signed Amachostos) was particularly fun.

Still getting lost with someone else is much easier than by yourself. And thank god you didn't end up in Wales, we might never have seen you again.

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

that sounds like a whole whole lotta fun.

immedia reaction said...

But what I wanted to know was, if we didn't climb on the furniture, were we allowed to sit on it? They neglected to mention this in their furniture signage, very remiss of them I feel.

And what internal stereotypes about English graduates did Bambi and I inadvertently reinforce? That we think we're inherently superior because we know big words?

I feel I have to clarify (because I can recognise myself in some of these bullets) that I was not the annoying woman guiding Patrick round the castle.

Also, you left out "Watched an am dram production of The Darling Buds of May which was actually really good."

immedia reaction said...

Also, the amount of times you got poked etc. is not surprising at all if you consider the number of times you were sexist :P

TheTelf said...

That English students are easily impressed. I could kick Shakespeare's ass at CounterStrike. Where's my recognition? :P

True, Hannah was not the annoying woman describing the castle. She was an entirely separate annoying woman.

Dude, I said watched a play - if you want to include more detail, do your own post :s

And you've got your cause-and-effect all mixed up. My reaction to being poked is to come out with sexist responses. Because I can't poke back. Because you'd probably cry. Bloody women.


immedia reaction said...
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immedia reaction said...

Maybe you could kick Shakespeare's ass at Counterstrike, but so could lots of people. When you write a sonnet better than his, perhaps I'll give you some recognition. Not before.

You could so poke back, rather than be sexist. The only reason you don't is because I'm not ticklish. And having spent all weekend claiming you think I'm a man, you can't now say that you didn't poke me because I'm a woman.