Thursday, 29 May 2008

Killer Robot Monkeys

OK, so this isn't really what this story was about. But, scientists have made a robot that monkeys can operate with their brains. Have they never seen disaster movies? Why not just give the monkeys some form of virulent plague and be done with it?

Supposedly this is all to help people with disabilities, but I can see the white haired madmen cackling as the robotic, mind-enhanced, monkeys lay waste to civilisation as we know it. (The mind-enhancement thing is not quite true . . . yet)

This story also reminded me of a piece in PCGamer about a similar thing, but for people to play computer games with. The writer played an FPS using only his mind, concentrating hard to shoot. Unlike the monkey thing, this is totally awesome and quite River Tam-esque.

(It seems I can't write that I saw this in the metro in the link bar, so I guess I'd better write it here)

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TheTelf said...

The story as covered by New Scientist. Including video :D