Thursday, 15 May 2008

Greetings, denizens

Right, so.

Other than Patrick, I don't really know who any of you are, how you know each other, if at all, and what the hell you do with your lives. I thought I'd take the opportunity to introduce myself and respectfully request that you respond with a little bit about yourselves, so I can better understand exactly what I might have let myself in for...

Briefly: my name is Hannah. I am a regional journalist by day, glamorous assassin by night (aspirational). I met Patrick about two years ago at a university judo tournament when he fought a friend of mine in the final of the ridiculous heavy novices category. And when I say ridiculously heavy, I mean in comparison with myself, a mere slip of a girlish thing. Ahem. Anyway, I tried to psych him out with marshmallows and failed, because he still won, but it was fun nevertheless.

About a year and a half ago I decided I had no choice but to declare I was a feminist and was slightly miffed when, on announcing this to various friends, they told me they'd known for years...

My interests also include journalism, politics, children's fantasy, literature, languages, the use of words and creative writing. I get scared watching Buffy and I cry pretty much every time I watch The Lion King. Make of that what you will. My favourite films are sarcastic ones.

I'm a brown belt in judo, recently took up boxing and am pretty good on the clarinet. I can't ride a unicycle and the only thing I can make in origami is the hat that looks like a boat, and I'm a bit rusty even on that.

You can find out a bit more about my professional life here where I mainly rant about society's needless paranoia about paedophiles. 

Hi y'all. Who are you?


Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

I was unaware that feminist was something you had to declare you where. But maybe that's just ignorance.

As a thought, would being a maninist (whatever the opposite of feminist is) be classifiable as sexist and if so why is it not sexist to be a feminist? Just a question, I have no intention of being a maninist and also no objection to feminism.

immedia reaction said...

It seemed important at the time, because I decided I actively wanted to do something to change inequality. Though in my current position in life, it largely consists of a lot of bitching when things annoy me. Productive? Not as such, but I kinda decided I'd fight inequality wherever I saw it. Which does mean you can end up reading bias into everything... which, as an expert blagger, I'm very good at ;)

I think feminism is an unfortunate term that doesn't give a proper indication of what it actually stands for. "Feminism" in its purest sense means you believe in equality between men and women. I avoided using it to describe myself for a long time because it has connotations of bra burning lesbians, which people use to undermine it as an idea.

I did call myself an egalitarian for a long time, but nobody seemed to understand what I meant and kept telling me I was a feminist.

immedia reaction said...
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