Monday, 12 May 2008

Out with the old, and in with the sexy

I have got a couple of 'proper' posts in my mind, but a combination of brain failure and work tiredness is making it difficult for me to actually string some words together. Embarrassed by Andy's profligacy, however, I felt I needed to do something, so here's the highlight of my weekend:

Out with the old, scratched, second-hand and increasingly unreliable (but well loved, well used and much appreciated):

And in with the new, sleek, shiny, spacious and sexy:Hipster? Moi?


Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

very nice Mr Telford, going over to the dark side of the computer gadget world, very good.

The Big LeBamski said...

I still maintain that iPods are pants, even if the clickwheel is like one long continuous musical-gadget orgasm. I recently updated my old Archos Gmini XS202

to the Archos 204 (30GB version)

I highly recommend Archos music players: excellent sound quality and incredibly easy to update as they work just like external hard drives. Unlike iTunes. Which I hate.

immedia reaction said...

If your iPod is sexy, what sex is it? Did you just feminise an mp3 player? Or is it sexy in neuter/androgynous sense? If it was sexy in a masculine way, would that make you gay? Or does it confer sexiness upon you when viewed by others? And if it's sexy in a feminine way, does this also mean you're gay?

And agree. iTunes sucks mooseballs. "Let the hate flow through you...." Dark side indeed.

Though I'm loving pretty much the rest of my mac. In an emotional sense. Before Patrick asks me what sex it is. I view it as a non-gender specific being of such awesomeness that it cannot conceive of carnality.

TheTelf said...

@Bambi: Compared to my previous player, my new iPod is everything I could want in a music player and more. Plus I'm kind of a musical philistine (as everyone who's ever talked to me about music knows), so sound quality + capacity take a back seat to ease of use + functionality. No problems with iTunes so far.

@Hannah: Do you only comment on anything when you can see an opportunity to bring up gender issues?

sexy adj.
1. Arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest.
2. Slang. Highly appealing or interesting; attractive

So, a little from column A and a little from column B. It doesn't arouse me, but that's not to say it's not trying.

"Though I'm loving pretty much the rest of my mac. In an emotional sense." - so you tried to have sex with it and it rejected you. Never mind. Plenty more fish in the sea...

The Big LeBamski said...

Don't get me wrong, as far as I'm aware the iPod wins in terms of sound quality against pretty much every other MP3 player. When it isn't attached to a computer the iPod is fantastic. However, my experience of trying to make it work with a PC have been less than satisfactory. And I just really dislike iTunes, as it seems illogical in its set-up and tries to take over your music collection. That said, you are vastly more capable with anything computer-related than me, so you may have no problems.

And speaking of capacity, what capacity is it?

TheTelf said...

Given my music collection is just a large number of ENTIRELY LEGALLY ACQUIRED mp3s in no discernable order, anything iTunes can do to help organise it is fine by me.

And it's 8GB, of which I'm currently using 2. :s

immedia reaction said...


Although... I am prone to commenting on such, simply because it's something I'm interested in. If you wrote more about journalism I'd comment on that :P However, in this instance, I was merely being sarcasmic.

I think compared to you, I must be a novice in the ways of human-hardware sexual intercourse. Because I cannot conceive of a way in which one might engage in intercourse with a computer. And even if I could, the mac is beyond such things. Worship it, yes. Sex it, no.

And agree again, iTunes is not usefully designed. One of the things that annoyed me about my iPod, before I broke it, was that you couldn't edit the music collection using the device itself. How fucking useless is that??

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

Here have an oar!

That's me sticking my oar in, in a politeish way.

Firstly, iTunes is great! It can shuffle by album, one of the great desires of mine. I find it intuitive and if you let it take over your music collection it actually does a good job of organising it etc. It has it's faults, poor album art finding, poor CDDB accessing at times, but other than that it's great.

I currently have to use iTunes and WMP, iTunes for whole music collection, WMP for music to stick on phone, and I really wish I had an iPod.

I don't have much experience with iPods, except that they used to die after about a year, not sure if they sorted that, lets hope so. But they seem decent enough.

Finally, if I could live in a G5 I would, that's how cool they are!

James said...

hmmm, my black ipod was recently stolen from me . . .

also, itunes is damn annoying, even more annoying now that i have no ipod to give my using it nay purpose