Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Secret initiation, what secret initiation?

Just a very quick update on the blogging front, to say that I've invited Hannah (who you may recognise from various comment threads) to join us as a contributor on this blog.

As usual, there's the slight confusion given by the lack of a theme, but I hope she'll be able to get stuck in and post random thoughts, reviews, links and other waffle, whether with unhealthy regularity (like myself and Andy), occasional verisimilitude (like James and Bambi) or just once in a god damn blue moon (like Joe and Martin, who've clocked up 1 post between them in almost a year).

Either way, I hope you will make her feel very welcome, and not at all like the girl who's just wandered into a somewhat geeky all-male gathering.


immedia reaction said...

hDude, it's ok, I am well-used to my social role as "sarcastic cool girl who hangs around with dorks" after hanging around with Durham Uni Judo Club for three years... It was basically a front for a collection of male nerds. They did as I said and we got on fine ;P

NB: To those of you who haven't met me, the main reason they did as I said was 'cos I was captain in third year..

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

Welcome, welcome.

I look forward to reading what you have to offer and oh my word I sound so lame.

Anyway, huzzah!

TheTelf said...

They did as you said because you were right there in front of them, and they didn't want to get on the wrong end of a vicious uchi-mata from you.

We have no such fear.

immedia reaction said...

You will, come this weekend :P

TheTelf said...

Without the comma, that sentence would be a lot less threatening. :P

immedia reaction said...

That, and another major reason, is precisely WHY the comma is there.

If you're that desperate we could always try to find one of Ludlow's rumoured brothels..