Thursday, 29 May 2008

Who to support in Euro 2008

The Guardian is running a series of pieces, where writers or commedians from the respective countries try to convice us to support their team in the world cup. Today was the German's chance and his first reason was:

1 Avoid shoot-out heartbreak
Many tears were shed after Steve McClaren's England team failed to qualify for Euro 2008 ... but let's face it, it's going to be business as usual for British football supporters. Just like during the domestic season, you will have to cheer on a team full of foreigners. Why not make that team the three-time World Cup winner and universally revered superpower that is Germany? You wouldn't know, but there is nothing better than celebrating sporting victory. Supporting Germany will give you a once-in-a-lifetime chance not only to back the winning team but also to forgo the heartbreak of losing in a penalty shootout. Germany has not lost a penalty shootout in a major international tournament since 1976.

Nothing particular to add from me other than it made me laugh.

Think I'll probably be supporting Spain, they deserve to win something at some point. You?


immedia reaction said...

I shall be supporting nobody, because I have zero interest in football. In fact, I have negative interest in football verging on dislike, nay, even hatred.

Or I might just pick a completely random country for the helluvit.

TheTelf said...

Hannah showing her usual reluctance to stray from traditional female stereotypes there.

I'll be keeping an eye on Croatia, at least if they do well, we can say we were put out by a team that went a long way. Probable winners? Germany or Italy.

immedia reaction said...

Fuck off. I like watching rugby. But in general, I would rather play sport than watch it. And that includes football, even though I'm shit.