Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Pretty fly

In line with the gratuitous narcissism shown by Patrick's beard post, I decided I might as well plaster my face all over this thing, in the name of finding out whether I am cool or deluded. Or whether I'm just female and males will never understand.

Last Saturday, I went all-purpose summer shopping in TK Maxx and spent around £150. This is unusual, even for me. I hate long extended shopping excursions and part with money with great reluctance. However, my final amount was greatly increased by my decision to purchase a pair of sunglasses for £69.99. Now, according to the label on them, they would normally cost £240.00 but because I was buying them a season or so late, I had saved myself oodles of money. Though this assumes I was always going to buy them in the first place (which isn't necessarily true, I'd have to be fairly off my face on some noxious substance to even contemplate spending £240.00 on sunglasses).

Neither of the males I was with (boyfriend and his mate), could see the attraction. They said they make me look like a fly. While I can see this is true, I also feel that I have just acquired two hundred and forty quid's worth of schweedie-dahlink without the associated painful hit in the wallet.

And even if I do look like a fly, I can hide behind them and scowl at people. Which, along with looking sultry and possibly famous, is what giant sunglasses are for. I did consider cheaper options (Honda sunglasses, £15, a bit more practical and big squarish ones, with white arms, £20, and what the aviator would have worn if he was an Essex girl), but didn't like either as much. And my mum said I might as well go with the ones I really liked because at least then I would definitely wear them. So I went ahead and treated myself.

I guess I'm asking, would you ever spend that much on accessories? What's your cut-off point? And did I get good deal out of it, assuming I wear them lots and they don't break in a week?


TheTelf said...

Being a boy, and a geek, and kind of a social recluse, I very rarely do this ... shopping ... of which you speak. In fact, until I started buying t-shirts with funny slogans on off the internet, I probably hadn't spent £150 on clothes in total in my life.

£70 seems like a pretty severe wallet hit for sunglasses anyway. I'd be more likely to try and get some second hand ones from somewhere. That is if I wore sunglasses. Which I would do if they didn't make me look like a twat. Which they do.

"I guess I'm asking, would you ever spend that much on accessories?" - I have never knowingly purchased an 'accessory'. Unless a watch counts. In which case £12.99, from Argos.

James said...

Well, my glasses that become sunglasses came in at slightly more than yours. However, I feel this is excusable for a couple of reasons:

a) they help me see as well as look cool

b) they were a graduation present, so I didn't pay :-)

That said, my current watch was fairly expensive (I think around the £60 mark) and I've also had expensive days of buying clothes; largely when I was told by female friends (in particular my girlfriend) that I needed new clothes and that these ones looked nice. With the watch, it runs on my body movement (which in itself is cool) and so should last until they decimalise our timing system. I don't see any problem with spending seemingly large amounts on clothes. And frequently they expensive clothes are better made, and more comfortable, so you wear them a lot more, hence making them worth the cost.

happylittlecynic said...

Hmm... I tend to think there are four things not worth skimping on - food, housing, clothing and presents. That said, I'm not sure whether sunglasses count under clothing. No-one would bat an eyelid if you spent that on ear-rings, for example, though, so I wouldn't worry about it. And besides, they suit you, and that makes the other available choices silly ideas, which makes this one the only sensible choice. So it's fine.